Mint@ 8:16pm 03-08-2023
Hi hacker i dont know what this is but enjoy pizza
bed@ 5:24pm 03-06-2023
u r cool
Robophobia@ 1:28am 03-06-2023
YOO wait you have a guestbook? Wow that's ultrapoggers
Jabronick@ 12:42pm 03-04-2023
Taken by the Big Boris
Octoblue@ 1:02am 03-04-2023
Horrorboros is genuinely one of the best additions to salmon run so far, it is absolutely terrifying and I love it

Also congrats on the twitch partner, hacker, you deserve it for everything
doc aka BongJuice@ 5:36pm 03-02-2023
This streamer is
SuperAntiKaiju@ 5:35pm 03-02-2023
Any in chat
Toerktumlare@ 5:29pm 03-02-2023
best design ever on the page
LosKenedys@ 4:36pm 03-01-2023
i am eggsecutive i bought the OG gloopsuit from splat 2 not because i am broke in fish scales (which I am broke in fish scales) but for the nostalgia also why do I see nobody wear the nostalgia
nootaroni@ 10:22pm 02-28-2023
I've been a fan of you for a while, and I want to thank you for everything you do. Your content sometimes is the stuff that keeps me going, so thank you!
shoelaces@ 10:17pm 02-28-2023
quarterbackerling is my favorite footballer common w 10/10
Thaifood@ 4:43am 02-28-2023
I’m alive again woo
Man why do so many people like terapagos over ogerpon this is so sad
Claudia@ 2:17am 02-28-2023
I really enjoyed the "mad world" cover on this webpage keep it up proud of you
Stuckiverse@ 11:21pm 02-25-2023
hello hacker
AK5970@ 8:47am 02-25-2023
Just wanted to stop by to say hi.

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