fake me@ 11:03am 01-29-2023
Do you ever thing of makeing merch
allister :>@ 9:46am 01-29-2023
hi hackerling!! i just wanted to say i’ve been a big fan since you covered vian’s songs, keep up the good work!!
LJ@ 8:35am 01-27-2023
I’ve been binging your Salmon Run vods lately so had to come sign
Chemi@ 7:54am 01-27-2023
Good day hackerling my cat says hi
bagel@ 5:48pm 01-25-2023
Thaifood@ 7:52pm 01-24-2023
wow a different font
Octoblue(clues)@ 7:22pm 01-24-2023
I think I just made amends with the spider on my ceiling corner, maybe?
LosKenedys@ 4:17pm 01-24-2023
yo everyones got to remember to sub to jaymoji deluxe for the 24hr stream
jonrot@ 9:18am 01-23-2023
I am
isoscelesdice@ 3:23pm 01-22-2023
dice wuz here
HACKERLING_FANBOY@ 10:20am 01-22-2023
LosKenedys@ 4:54pm 01-20-2023
101 cohozunas bodies found in a river so close to hacker level max on the vod exclusive also i am now scared of bread
Jesse@ 10:00pm 01-19-2023
I liked your cover of Snake Eater! That's what I came to say
dillpickle@ 9:03pm 01-19-2023
woah is this colored
Octoblue@ 1:30am 01-18-2023
I love teeth so much you mind giving me back my teeth, please…?

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