doc aka BongJuice@ 7:13pm 02-14-2023
Swag moment
Nasu@ 7:12pm 02-14-2023
OctoBlue(real)@ 2:44pm 02-10-2023
Patrick star is my role model⠀⠀⠀⠀
afraid of explosions@ 9:54pm 02-09-2023
i got scared because i imagined hacker exploding. i hope that doesnt happen
LosKenedys@ 8:27pm 02-08-2023
Splatoon 3 DLC pogchamp emoji
Okay so splat 1 map why should I care there’s no new features
Wave 2 splat 2 lobby with different entrance and all white let me play it now.
Octoblue@ 1:04am 02-08-2023
welcome to the teeth fanclub
Tigstahh@ 3:34am 02-07-2023
creativecrybaby@ 5:19pm 02-05-2023
hacker hackerling u r literally the coolest streamer ever and u make us all happy :] pls dont forget it!!!!!
ColonelCowboy@ 2:29pm 02-05-2023
Insomneea@ 3:08am 02-03-2023
when i purposefully leave a comment in the hackerling guestbook
Octoblue@ 11:56pm 02-01-2023
Pink is a very good color
admeus@ 2:32pm 02-01-2023
Thaifood@ 12:35am 02-01-2023
Second snow day in a row starting now so yee
Octoblue@ 6:58pm 01-30-2023
Number one grandpa streamer
LosKenedys@ 5:00pm 01-30-2023
Yo anyone who wants to read tmnt lost years and or last ronin GO READ IT its so worth it

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